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Tail Transfer Doctor on Dryer


Our services
  • Measure Taking Service – Tailored design for each customer at each machine

  • Installation, Adjustment and Start-up Service

  • Maintenance Service or Lantier or other brand equipment

  • Vibration Measurement and Consultancy by Lantier’s Expert Team

  • Complete New or Rebuild of existing equipment

  • Technical Consultancy/Advice

  • Machine Survey / Checking

Alternative Blade Holders

  • Blowing pipes and deflector wedge.
  • The fixing is adapted to the rivets in the blade holder.
  • Air connections are made at the outer side of the paper machine frame.
  • The design of the air connections is adapted at the space available.
  • The blowing pipes are provided with adjustable fixing pieces to set the blowing direction near the paper machine frame.
  • The blowing pipes are fixed in the inner machine side of the blade holder by insertion supports.
  • All fixing pieces and the deflector wedge are rounded so that no obstacles are created for the flowing paper.