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Lantier Edge Trimming Jets


Our services
  • Measure Taking Service – Tailored design for each customer at each machine

  • Installation, Adjustment and Start-up Service

  • Maintenance Service or Lantier or other brand equipment

  • Vibration Measurement and Consultancy by Lantier’s Expert Team

  • Complete New or Rebuild of existing equipment

  • Technical Consultancy/Advice

  • Machine Survey / Checking

Alternative Blade Holders

  • With simple, double or triple high precision nozzles
  • Manual adjustment of nozzle position (lineally and horizontally)
  • Special design which allows disassembling one nozzle without stopping the paper machine
  • Fast nozzle change maintaining the position of the nozzle (No need of new adjustment for cutting the edge exactly in the same position)
  • The angle for fixing the nozzle can be adapted to each customer.
  • A good Edge Trimm jet can avoid 50% of paper breaks in the machine.