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Hydrolan Water-Doctor on Coater Backing Roll


Our services
  • Measure Taking Service – Tailored design for each customer at each machine

  • Installation, Adjustment and Start-up Service

  • Maintenance Service or Lantier or other brand equipment

  • Vibration Measurement and Consultancy by Lantier’s Expert Team

  • Complete New or Rebuild of existing equipment

  • Technical Consultancy/Advice

  • Machine Survey / Checking

Blade Holders

  • Eliminate deposits of the backing roll
  • Improve coating quality
  • Reduce sheet breaks
  • Increase coating blade life

Features of the hydrolan blade holder

  • Hydrolan Blade Holder uses 75-80 mm wide blades (3”)
  • Any sort or coating blades can be fitted in the Hydrolan Blade Holder
  • Pneumatic system for opening and closing the Blade’s housing
  • Blade Holder with micrometric regulation screws for profiling
  • Strongly built in stainless steel