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Aqualan Double Doctor on Pick-Up Roll


Operating Principle

The water dynamic can be described as follows:

  • A part is deflected by doctoring
  • What remains sucked from the holes by vacuum effect and centrifugal force
  • The rest is deflected by doctoring
Our services
  • Measure Taking Service – Tailored design for each customer at each machine

  • Installation, Adjustment and Start-up Service

  • Maintenance Service or Lantier or other brand equipment

  • Vibration Measurement and Consultancy by Lantier’s Expert Team

  • Complete New or Rebuild of existing equipment

  • Technical Consultancy/Advice

  • Machine Survey / Checking

Alternative Blade Holders

Water extraction and perfect cleaning of suction rolls.

Design adapted to any new or existing paper machine.

In case it is needed, Lantier can rebuild the suction roll save-all or build a completely new one.

The Aqualan Double Doctor is designed to eliminate the problems, that the water film around the suction cylinder creates:

  • Limited suction capacity on the suction cylinder.
  • Uncontrolled water projection below the wire, that generates sheet formation problems.
  • Sheet breaks.

The Aqualan Double Doctor takes off and conducts this water, cleaning and drying el suction cylinder and its orifices and so avoiding rewetting the sheet and its consequences.