Breast Roll Doctor


Our services
  • Measure Taking Service – Tailored design for each customer at each machine

  • Installation, Adjustment and Start-up Service

  • Maintenance Service or Lantier or other brand equipment

  • Vibration Measurement and Consultancy by Lantier’s Expert Team

  • Complete New or Rebuild of existing equipment

  • Technical Consultancy/Advice

  • Machine Survey / Checking

Alternative Blade Holders

  • Cleaning of the roll surface
  • Removal of the water to the water collection try
  • Very limited access to the Doctor:
    • No option for regulation of the micrometric adjustment screws: Adjustment only when maintenance is made in the Suction Box (change of the ceramics)
    • Recommendation of installing Flexilan FL-4 or Flexilan FL-5 Blade Holder (self adjusting): No need to wait for Suction Box maintenance