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Who we are

Solutions since 1987

Lantier 2nd factory Lekunberri (Navarra - Spain)

Founded in 1987, with more than 25 years in the paper industry and located in a region with a strong industrial background and constant technological progress, LANTIER has gone through a comprehensive development of expansion, experience and reputation in the design and manufacture of productivity solutions for paper machines as doctors, showers, tail cutter and steam boxes.

The solutions provided by LANTIER, not only involve the installation of the technology that is suited to the customer’s needs, they also include all the technical knowledge and experience of an expert team in engineering, a company capable of producing completely customized equipment, on-site installation and providing ongoing technical service and support.

In a market as the paper industry, where the productivity is now a key point, LANTIER combines the know-how, the applied technology and the personalized service all around the world for providing benefits in terms of high quality,security and efficiency in the manufacture of pulp, paper, cardboard and tissue.

Lantier Head Quarters Tolosa (Gipuzkoa - Spain)